Integrated project management software

Most companies spend a lot of resources managing daily meetings, legal requirements, safety rules, and project deadlines. Spending a large amount of resources on it, and sometimes without being able to guarantee compliance with deadlines and budgets. For this reason, a good  integrated project management software (also known as ERP) is one of the best investments that a company can do to manage its works and improve the results of its projects.

Best Integrated Project Management tools

Currently there is a wide variety of options between EPR software, which sometimes makes it difficult to decide. In the following table we show you which, in our opinion, are the most recommended integrated project management programs.

Product name


Free trial link

Celoxis is a comprehensive and collaborative solution to manage your projects, resources and business processes.

Easyprojects is a complete online software for project management

How much does a project management software cost?

Although the price will depend on the type of software and its complexity, usually it is possible to start using many of them for free.

Starting with this free version, or after the free trial period offered by most ERP, the price of new software usually depends on several factors:

  • ERP online or installed. Currently most of the tools for integral project management are offered online, so they are usually marketed with a monthly fee. In any case, there are some that allow you to buy the license to install the program locally. The cost, in the short and long term, will depend on the version we choose.
  • Quantity of users. Either through the purchase of licenses or with the payment of the monthly fee; the most determining factor for cost is usually the number of users, projects or both that we want to have.
  • Contracted services. Another important factor to define the cost of the tool will be the services included. Most programs offer several levels options to adjust the features to the requirements of each client, allowing to perform integrated project management in projects of any size.

Along with these three concepts, directly linked to the characteristics of the program, it is common to have an implementation cost for the new software, as most complex software requires some integration with other existing tools and training. For that reason, is quite common to hire an these services from the software company or its local representative.

Most important characteristics for this type of tools

If you are thinking of implementing an integrated project management software in your company, and you want it to really make a difference in your results, there are a number of features that cannot be missing from the chosen option.

Tool adjusted to the size of your projects

There are many project management programs, but not all of them are applicable to large projects, so it is important to choose the right tool based on the size and complexity of our projects.

Helpdesk, training and integration service available

As described at the end of this post, implementing integrated project management software is not an easy task when it is applied to large projects. Software for large projects usually require integration with other existing programs (time control, accounting, documentation, etc), and they can be complex to use.

For this reason, it is very important to evaluate the services offered by the distributor of the program. Integration and training services are the most common for complex tools, and some times also the possibility to include special features.

Integration to the company

An ERP works well when it can be fed with reliable and up-to-date data, as well as distribute its reports, schedules, etc. between the different members of the organization and the projects.

For this to happen, the new tool must be integrated with the rest of the tools used by the company. Among these tools we could find accounting , purchasing, people management, communication, etc.

Therefore, before acquiring a new program to manage projects, we must see that it can be well integrated within the organization. For this the dealer can help us.

Ability to comprehensively manage the full project

Large projects are usually complex, and require managing large budgets, teams, and coordinating the tasks of various areas and subcontractors. Therefore, the integrated project management program that we choose must have the capacity to manage all these aspects in an integral way.

Schematically, we can summarize these capacities in three large groups:

  • The automation of administrative and accounting processes (control of payments, cash flows, accounting and financial statements)
  • Comprehensive control of projects, from cost estimation and planning, to the management of purchases, materials, contracts and suppliers.
  • Ability to manage business aspects related to the project.

When these characteristics are available, an ERP provides a solution that no generic program can achieve. Therefore, good integrated project management tool makes it easier for companies to manage their projects, optimizing their resources and making their operation more efficient.

What are the advantages of a software for integrated project management?

The truth is that this software offer many advantages for companies when get into large projects, since it allows them to face the day to day with less effort put into the administrative field. Likewise, it can mean considerable growth for the company, which is why its implementation is recommended.

If we had to highlight some of these advantages, we could highlight the following:

  • It simplifies and improves the execution of large projects and works in progress: An integrated project management software has as its main objective the improvement of the processes involved in the projects, so its management and results tend to improve with the implementation of these kinds of tools.
  • The company achieves a better organization and planning of the projects, reducing administration and indirect expenses. In the end, this affects the results of the company.
  • It increases efficiency through more efficient project management. A software for integrated project management allows you to control the different aspects of the project on real time, faster and more accurately. Through the integration with other existing tools, it is possible for it to receive the data quickly and in real time, allowing tighter control of deadlines and budgets.
  • It makes the task of projecting expenses easier, according to the project execution plan, and income by managing the sales of completed works. This allows better control of cash flows and project finances.