PMP online courses.

Preparing for and applying for the PMP certification is an important decision that requires effort and dedication. Therefore, the smartest professionals know that investing in a good pmp course to prepare for the certification can help them to save time and make whole the process easier.

On this page you will learn about the characteristics that a PMP preparation course must have in order for it to be accepted by the PMI, as well as various options available on the market

PMP certificate preparation courses

Minimum characteristics of a pmp preparation course

Obviously, the more complete the course is the better, but in fact many of us take a certification course in pmp projects to prepare for the Professional Project Manager certification; therefore, the minimum that we should look for is that it meets the requirements of the PMI.

  • It must be taught by a center accredited by PMI, which is known as Registered Education Provider. For that reason, it is important that you check that the center has this accreditation. All the courses that we show on this page have it.
  • A minimum duration of 35 hours, since it is what the Project Management Institute requires to accept the application for the exam.
  • The course’s contents must be updated to the latest version of PMBOK, currently version seven. This is important because the certification exam is based on the standards defined in this guide.

Recommended characteristics of the pmp preparation course

If the course you have selected meets the requirements indicated in the previous point, and all we show you on this page do, you should have no problem getting PMI to accept it.

But you can ask for more from an online pmp course, as it can be also a great help for passing the exam on the first time. If you are searching also this, there are other important requirements that we recommend you take into consideration:

Availability period of the course.

Once your application is accepted, you have one year and three attempts to pass the exam, time that you will use to study and prepare for it. For this reason, it is important that the PMP course you contract allows you to access to its contents for the longest period possible.

There are several centers that allow their students to access the online contents indefinitely, which is unnecessary due to the one-year limitation on the exam but staying with only 35 hours of the course is not good either. The minimum time we recommend are 3 or 4 months to be able to prepare for the exam calmly.

Auxiliary tools.

This is an extremely important point, since there are tools that can make it much easier for you to pass the exam. Among these tools we can highlight the exam simulator, the personalized tutor or the study groups.

Price of a PMP course

Many people look for a good free pmp course , but the truth is that we have not found it. Yes, there are free resources to learn how to manage projects (like, but when it comes to a course that helps you to prepare for the PMP certificate, it always ends up having a cost.

Valid courses are only those taken at schools and centers recognized by the Project Management Institute as Registered Education Provider ; and this supposes a cost for these centers.

Luckily, there is a wide variety of prices on the market, which allows them to fit all pockets. The prices of the most common online pmp courses range from €350 to €1,500, depending a lot on their characteristics. This price may be reduced by specific promotions available at any time.

Does it worth it?

Certainly, good PMP preparation courses are not cheap, but in no case can they be considered expensive when considering the PMP certification is the most recognized in project management, and according to studies in the US, it allows salary improvements of over 25%.

How many times could you pay the course with 25% more salary?

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