Do you need a freelance for your project?

Those of us who work on projects know that we don’t always have the resources we need, either because they are working on other projects or because we lack profiles with specific knowledge. To which are added the difficulties and training time involved in hiring new staff.

A good alternative to solve this problem is to have a database of freelance workers who can join our projects when we need them, paying only for the actual work done.

How to hire freelance professionals?

Below we show you several platforms that allow you to hire specific profiles for the time or work that your projects require.

Why hire a freelance?

There are several advantages in hiring a freelance professional for your company or project.

  • Greater commitment to the quality of the work done. Freelancers must do good work to retain their clients and to profit from word of mouth.
  • Ease of hiring a freelance. With the freelance hiring platforms that we have shown you, hiring a new team member with specific knowledge is quick and easy, being possible to filter according to our search criteria and see opinions from other previous clients.
  • Easy to reach specific profiles. In projects we sometimes have work that we do not know how to do internally, although we do not want to subcontract the work to a supplier. Reinforcing our internal team with an independent professional who has the knowledge and experience we need allows us to reinforce the project and provides knowledge to the rest of the team.
  • Variable cost versus fixed cost. When we talk about hiring an independent professional to participate in a project, this implies a cost of the project and directly linked to it. This cost can be eliminated when the contracted work ends. On the contrary, hiring a new employee in the company implies increasing its fixed costs, regardless of the workload that this new worker can assume.
  • Lower costs. The costs of hiring a freelancer are much lower, both in the selection process and in the paperwork, than in hiring an internal worker. Apart from not having to bear social security expenses, vacations, medical and labor insurance, etc.
  • Different points of view and solutions. Freelance workers usually work for several clients on different projects, which allows them to have a broader vision, and thus be able to provide innovative solutions to our company and projects.
  • No geographical limits. Hiring through one of the above freelance platforms allows you to reach professionals from anywhere in the world. This makes it easier to hire companies located far from major cities, and allows you to take advantage of the lower labor costs in some areas of the planet.
  • Less risks. Contributing the specific knowledge that a certain task requires reduces the risks associated with it.

Most demanded professionals in projects

Creation of plans. The creation and maintenance of blueprints involves a large number of hours. Having external specialist personnel who can do this work obviously reduces its duration.

3D rendering or design. Nowadays, 3D design makes it easier to check the design and avoid errors, apart from being a good way to present the project. Having a freelance specialist in this type of work will be very useful.

Professionals with specific knowledge. When our project includes an area that is outside the field of expertise of our company, we need to hire or develop

site managers